Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Split home!!!!!

When interviewing my family members I came across different viewpoints that made me really think much deeper into the kirpan case.  Here are the responses of my father, mother, and 21 year old sister.

Father:  When I asked my dad he said as long as it doesn't violate current laws it should be ok.  And when it came to this case he sided with the Respondent telling me that having a weapon at school violates US laws.  When I told him how the kirpan is not a weapon to Sikhs he still thought it to be too dangerous for kids to bring blades to school.

Mother:  My mother thought differently than my dad did.  She thinks that in order to be able to bring a kirpan to school the student must go through a screening process taking tests to help find out if the student is at risk for a mental illness that would cause him or her to act irrationally and use the kirpan as a weapon.

Sister:  Alex, my sister, told me that she doesn't think that anybody should be able to wear any religious items at school.  Even though it is unconstitutional, she believes that the only way to make schools safe is to take this radical step.

And My Opinion:  I think that he should be able to take his kirpan to school day in and day out.  Maybe there should be some restrictions such as having to lock the kirpans sheath on it so it cannot be taken out of the sheath until the student is at home.  Or even Sikh students should have to put their kirpans in a thick bag and have it sewn shut before the student can set foot on campus. There is no black or white answer to this issue and the grey area is immense, making any decision will make someone unhappy.


  1. Good post, Max. Thank you. Question - you will be serving as one of the USSC Justices when we do the hearing on Monday, right? If so, I'll be very curious to see how you decide.

  2. Quite interesting insight Maxamillian!