Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Disagree with the Court's Ruling

I am shocked and appalled with the ruling of the court.  I would expect the court to uphold the basic rights of the citizens of this country.  The first amendment clearly protects a citizen's right to worship how they choose.  This ceremonial dagger is a form of worship to the Sikh religion.  Sikh's cannot worship properly without the possesion of a kirpan.  The Sikh doctrine states it is meant for self defense and defense of others.  To say this small, dull, AND sheathed kirpan is a threat to the children and teachers of the Titanville School District is preposterous.  It is also insulting to suggest that Sikh's carry this with ill intent.  I hope in the near future this decision is overruled.  I cannot picture an America where people are still persecuted because of their beliefs.


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  2. I completely agree, I would hope that the U.S. government would do everything in their power to come up with a better compromise. Of course we should insure the safety of all students and teachers. A compromise could be created if everyone sat down and talked about solutions instead of suspending a 5th grader who feels that he has done something wrong simply by worshiping god. Any amount of work to make sure that students and teachers feel safe is worth it for religious rights.