Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Opinion on this Case

Even though the Kirpan is served as a religious symbol, it can also be viewed as a dagger due to the fact it is a dagger but it cannot harm people. Unlike Sikhs, many people in America do not know there is a religious object called the Kirpan. Those people would view Kirpan as a dagger rather than anything else. Therefore, the Kirpan has the potential to cause a massive panic. Also, the United Supreme Court ruled the Ronald vs. U.S. favoring the U.S. and ordering the bigamy to be unconstitutional. Nevertheless, anything that is metal certainly has the potential to inflict damage. The metal-made Kirpan is clearly one of them. We cannot put our faith in a ten years old child keeping his Kirpan out of sight all the time. He has no idea what would happen if he just simply show off his Kirpan around to his friends. Therefore, the Provision #4 must be declared constitutional.

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  1. Thank you for this post. Really appreciate the willingness to put forward your thinking as you have . . . whether I agree or disagree with what you have said.